School Reviews

my son has started pk3 in this school and we could not be happier to get elected in lottery on our first choice. it is a great place for kids to learn. teachers and the faculty are very nice and responsive to any concern. great community to be.

We were at MV for many years but the quality seemed to be getting worse each year. We decided to leave due to our dissatisfaction with the schools approach to learning, behavior management, and the overall culture of the school. We found the discipline strategies were ineffective and Leadership was often unresponsive or would not address issues of concern directly.

Outstanding! It might be a perfect fit for all kids but it has been for us.

My child was mostly happy at MV--far more so than at a prior DC charter school. (except for the cafeteria food!) While I really enjoy the parents and most of the staff, I am less happy overall because I feel that the school leadership lacks processes for incidents and reporting and that their ultra progressive philosophy leads to overreaction typical of PC culture. I hope MV achieves balance, because it is a worthy mission. First steps could be better consequence management and a bullying prevention program.

I was hoping for a well-rounded education and an introduction to Spanish for my child, but so far it's been more an awkward mash-up of social justice soap boxing (which I'd be ok with, if other educational basics were being met), "green education," and some Spanish comprehension. Teachers are kind and intelligent but may be hamstrung by administrative policies that seem mostly designed to impress parents. These complaints may all be the growing pains of a relatively new and ambitious school, but I'm not sure we'll hang around to find out.

I really wanted to like Mundo but honestly the goals are too convoluted. Is it a sustainability school? Are they more academics centered? My daughter spent three months learning about corn but can tell me nothing about corn. She also can t say the days of the week or months of the year in Spanish or English and she is in the second half of first grade. The communication also is not effective. The school uses The learning tree app, but still sends a bulletin via email. And the teachers use both learning tree and an additional app. I still have no idea what the aftercare teachers use to communicate with parents. I am constantly checking my email and all three apps ro make sure I don t miss anything. We probably will send her ro a more traditional school, which is hard bc she will lose the language

Great school,, great teachers awesome mission. Love

There are so many problems at this school. I fear for my kids safety at Mundo Verde. There is a serious problem with the school's approach to discipline, which not only takes away from instructional time, it also causes emotional harm to the children.

Hardest teaching job I've ever had. Too many major discipline problems, even violence did not lead to suspensions. Classroom did not feel safe. Teachers getting bitten and hit here. Kids stabbing one another with pencils, overturning furniture, punching and kicking others and throwing supplies. No suspensions. Just keeping chaos from breaking out was a full time job. I sure hope things get better here. It's a shame, they have awesome goals and great ideals. They hire great staff here. But teachers' hands are tied by those ideals and administration does not make the tough decision to give adequate consequences.

My son started at MV this Fall and I could not be happier. Amazing teachers and a great staff. Love it!