School Reviews

Extremely and pleasantly surprised by the dedication of administration, teachers, parents and community to think innovatively to turn this school around. I planned to send my children to non neighborhood school because of its 2 out of 10 rating. I went to many private, public, and charter school open houses and none impressed me as much as Langley. The commitment, energy, and drive for excellence to meet each students needs no matter background is impressive. The diversity and excellence is not yet reflecting on this website but I m very excited that my children are part of Langley!

Our family s experience at Langley has been outstanding. One of our children is in kindergarten after two years of preschool at Langley. The interpersonal and emotional coping skills our daughter has learned surpassed all expectations. Her emotional and social growth are flourishing and in kindergarten she has received effective and engaged instruction. Her teachers have all been phenomenal. They know each kid s strengths and needs, both emotional and academic. They quickly recognized when my daughter was progressing more quickly than classmates in certain subjects, and made arrangements to keep her lessons sufficiently challenging to keep her growth on track.

I would rate it as excellent. My child is thriving academically, loves school, and is learning social skills every day. Also the building is very nice and it has two gyms, and there is childcare on the off days.

Langley surpassed my expectations. It is a warm, diverse and academically challenging environment. I never expected my 4 year old to already be learning how to read and being able to express her emotions as well as she does because of the tools she has been taught at Langley.

My son had a wonderful PK-4 experience at Langley last year. His teachers blew me away and I'm still impressed by all he learned. Leadership is visible and accessible to parents. We moved him to a Spanish charter school for K, but have wondered if staying at Langley wouldn't have been the better choice.

My child was so proud to attend pre-k 3 at Langley. As the year went on, I was more certain that I had made the right decision in choosing our neighborhood school. She learned so much and made friends who live nearby. We appreciate being a part of this community. Can't wait for next year!

Our year at Langley was absolutely delightful. This is a school on the rise, and I'm certain that the test scores will soon begin to reflect the strong leadership and the hard work of students and teachers alike.

My son's experience has been very positive. My greatest surprise is how much Spanish he knows - completely unexpected, considering we are at a STEM school.

I taught voluntary conflict management after-school classes for a semester at Langley. Thoroughly enjoyed my time there and the students were lovely. Would like to see more fostering for academic excellence however particularly when class have students with strong personalities.