School Reviews

It's a great feeling to know that I am making a difference when I come to school. We work really hard to provide the best education we can and I am proud to be a part of this school.

My twins love this school. I wish they had a middle school. The teachers really care and the kids really learn. This is one of the best schools in Washington Dc.

My experience has been great. My grandson loves Harmony. Effective communication with leadership ensuring parents are abreast of extra curricular activities, projects, early dismissals, and upcoming events are very helpful!

Harmony DC has been amazing. Mrs. Smith recruited my son and she made us feel welcomed. This is my son s 1st year at Harmony. He is in Mrs. Pien s 3rd-grade class. 3rd grade started out rocky as far as classroom management. Mrs. Wall, the Dean of Students, stepped right in to get feedback from parents and provided Mrs. Pien with support for managing her class. Ms. Moten was hired as a Teacher Assistant to support Mrs. Pien daily. The support from Mrs. Wall and Ms. Moten has helped 3rd grade to change drastically. Homework is sent home daily and graded work is provided to parents weekly. My son s behavior and grades have improved so much. The calls and text messages have decreased. Harmony is doing a great job!

If the ratings where Diamonds. I would definitely give the Highest ratings. My son is a 1st time with Harmony his 2nd year. And when i say he has made great strives since being with Harmony. They had ignited a fire and a drive for the passion my son has for school. He is excited about learning and his future. He has improved with reading ans his grades. This hw has even made principal honor. So thank yiu Harmony for laying a positive foundation in my sons eduxation... I'm am even more excited him returning next. Harmony was a great fit for my family.

The rate is a A Because i have a 1st grader, and a 2nd grader and a 5th grader and they all good grades and my 1st grader has Achievement Honor Roll and my 2nd grader has Principal's Honor Roll and a 5th grader who has A-B Honor Roll and i like the school setting for my kids so again this is an Excellent school that i would recommend to anyone.

On a scale from 1-10, I give the school a 9. They have gone above and beyond to make school a place where my child wants to go everyday. They started free transportation and aftercare this year (2017), added foreign language, extra curricular activities and more opportunities for the parents to be more involved. It is a challenge for my son and that's what he needed. I really hope they are able to open a middle school soon.

1st grade- good 2nd grade-AMAZING (Mrs. W is AWESOME) 3rd grade-TERRIBLE!

I think that Harmony has room to grow but not with the current principal; Mr. Emin or Mr. Evren. They are solely focused on material things; STEM toys and gadgets that the kids never get to play with. The concerns that I and countless others have brought to their attention were brushed under the rug. I would not recommend this school to any parent. I would not send my kids to this school. It appears that the principal is mainly concerned about other things instead of ensuring that students are safe, school building up to code, having an actual nurse, and that students are receiving their services that are listed within their IEP's. Many assumed that this would be a great school due to the reviews based out of Texas. This school is nothing like the schools in Texas! Do yourself a favor and find another school for your child. Please be mindful that everything that glitter is not gold and just because it sparkles does not mean it is a diamond. I, and countless others, have learned that the hard way. Also...there is no school nurse. There is no way that you are able to hire someone as a secretary and tell them that they are now the school nurse. Mind you they are not an RN, LPN, they are not even a CNA. So if something medically happens the only thing the secretary is able to do is give them a band aid.

This was my first year with Harmony Pcs. My child attended 4th grade, and I must say I was impressed with the educators and their classroom strategies of connecting the world and the students interests to math, technology and science. The staff is also very welcoming and helpful in addressing all of my questions. I highly recommend thus school if your child is entering K to 5th grade.