School Reviews

During my son's last year at this school (before transferring out), every one of his teachers left in the middle of the school year. I wish we had left earlier. I had great expectations, but it was a horrible experience.

I have two daughters whom both attended this school when we moved to DC from the west coast. WE chose this school based on their website and, at the time, it's arts school designation. NOTHING was true. This school had absolutely no arts curriculum and no windows! What school has no windows? The staff is highly uniformed, the teachers are not well educated and the administrative staff don't have a clue. I don't understand why this school is still in existence. Sorry

For the past four years, I have never had a problem with WEDJ until this year. I would have given them five stars, but it's sad how one individual made me look at this school in entirely different.

Last school year was the worst school year ever for my children at WEDJ. They experienced bulling, teachers quitting, and getting fired in the middle of year. The counselor named Mr Borddash detest kids (Go Figure). Therefore getting him to resolve issues for the kids was impossible and I found that he made notes that were untrue. He never met with the kids. To make matters worse, they fired the only person that actually cared about the kids Mr Carter who had a personal connection to every student and their family. Hence, WEDJ is a child's nightmare. If you truly are looking for a school that nurtures .academic excellence and welcoming environment , WEDJ is NOT for you and your child.

Dedicated teachers and an enriching curriculum. The perfect balance of academics and exposure to art and fine culture

My kids have attend this school for three years and I used to love love love love it but this last year has not be great at all the lower grades has been great still but the upper class are a mess both of my kids had multiple teacher changes my 3 grader had 3 different home room teacher and 2 different social studies teacher my 5 grader had 2 different home room teacher and 2 social studies teacher and 2 math teacher all of them got fired or just quite . On top of that the principal also got fired I also had a big problem with them not giving homework at all so u never know what ur child was working on from day to day unless you ask . This year they did a lot performance which I love . But there were way to many teacher in every grade to leave this year and even more who said they will not be return for the next school year this school has gone down hill and it so sad because it really was a great school I hope they get there self together but I am taking my kids out so they won't get stick in the mix while they get there self together

My child attends Pre-K. The Pre-K teachers range from very good to below average; the aides are average. Inconsistent use of positive child development strategies. Some teachers are disengaged; others are totally engaged. The upper floor (little kids) is calm and orderly. Reasonable use of the calm school strategies -- walking in a line, use a bubble, etc. As the children get older, classic urban school challenges increase -- aggression, inappropriate language, etc. The staff has not been responsive or welcoming to my observations on how to improve school quality. Overall, parents are supportive: Children wear the required uniforms and parents show up for meetings. Unclear who is actually leading the school; principal is gone and it is unclear who is in charge day to day. School continues to function calmly. Difficult location for dropping off kids, and like many charters, the playground is small, there is no field or outdoor play space -- DC policy makers have allowed charters to grow exponentially without giving charter school children fair access to play space. Building is clean and well maintained. Top floor classrooms are cheerful.

My daughter has attended school here since pre-k and is currently in 1st grade. The number of changes the school has been through is ridiculous. We entered on the basis of the curriculum being centered around performing arts and parent involvement. As a very involved parent, I now feel like an intruder in my child's school. The communication between the administration and parents is lax to the point of non-existence. There is a "one size fits all" attitude from the principal, who, even though she is surrounded by excellent teachers who are experienced in educating our inner city youth, is constantly shunning their advice and ideas for her own. The learning environment seems strained and the children, although happy, seem disconnected from the school as a whole. I can honestly say that many of the teachers are absolutely wonderful and want to see their students achieve, but are hindered by the administration. Although my child is not involved in it, I will say that the special ed dept is exceptional in identifying students' needs and following through with a structured plan. Presently, I am preparing to transfer my child out of WEDJ.

This is my sons second year and he is entering the 1st. This school is awful. Very unprofessional staff and unorganized is an understatement. They lack to communicate anything that parents should be aware of with their child or just the school. I can say that the SPED department is great.They work to provide your child with their appropriate needs. BEWARE!!!!

- this school is not the best . they have no cafeteria , no windows and they hardly get to learn anything . as for the teachers some of them do care for you and will help you but others just do to get their paychecks !