School Reviews

I have a 7th and 8th grader who are doing exceptionally well. My kids have always maintained good grades, so I am happy I enrolled them in Will because they're doing better than ever. My 8th grader has been offered a slot in two of the top public high schools in DC. Excellent school! I love the Principal, Ms. Mosley!! and the hardworking teachers. Very happy parent.

I use to attend KIPP DC: WILL Academy and I really loved it. KIPP prepared me really well. I now attend one of the highest performing private schools in the nation. I couldn't have done it with out KIPP and the abundance of opportunities they provided me.

I am currently an 8th grade student at KIPP DC Will Academy , and I do appreciate the hard work and dedication my teachers put in our work !

This school has been a wonderful experience and has offered my child so many wonderful leadership oppurtunties. He was a good student when he started KIPP but he was transformed into an excellent student. A multitude of opportunities were opened up for him. He participated in leadership conferences, he worked for his oppurtunties including the oppurtunity to attend the school out of town trips, he had the oppurtunity to test for and attend private schools, it was just an amazing experience and I am ready to start it all over again with my second child. This school is know for taken children as much as 2 years below grade level and elevating them to on and above grade level. I love this school the only drawback is that the school does have a high teacher turnover because teachers may be at this school for 1-2 years and go to another KIPP DC school. If you are looking for a school were the teachers have been there for 20 years, this is not the school for you. This is the school for you If you are looking for a school that provides an excellent curriculm and test scores, and the oppurtunity for your student to grow.

I am a Kipp Will parent with 2 middle-schoolers attending. In spite of what you may have already read - - Kipp Will has the highest and only improving test scores of the Kipp Middle School campuses and of all DCPS middle schools in Washington DC. The school is focuss is no excuses and all WILL go on to College. Both of my children have behavioural disorders and the school administration and teachers have rallied around my children and have worked with me to provide to the best possible education for them. In spite of the struggles, the commute and many hours of homework I wouldn't have my children attend any other school in DC.