School Reviews

The addition of an open access middle school to the campus was a detriment. The middle school rolled in the city's emotional special needs middle school program into McKinley middle. The result is emotionally unstable children running through the hallways on the engineering side of the building. They apparently decided to put the emotionally disable children on that floor so they would be less of a distraction to their own peer group.

My son is a rising Sophomore. We have been quite satisfied with both the teachers, administration and the academics at McKinley Technology Senior High School. The teachers are excellent, they have a strong principal and both strong student and administrative leadership, and the academic programs are most challenging. This is from the parent of a Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science graduate.

McKinley has a history of being a school with great teachers, students and administrators.

McKinley offers a challenging curriculum, has dedicated teachers, and a student body that challenges itself to excellence

This is a great school. Its one of the top rated schools in the district and is doing alot better then alot of schools in the d.C area so if you live in D.C then look in to this school