School Reviews

This school should honestly be closed down and investigated by the board of education, the best they have to offer are some really dedicated staff members who truly do love your children but they lack funding severely and there's little to NO PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT. The instructional materials are outdated, and they lack a playground for the youth. No trips, some of the class offerings are limited to once a week (Spanish, Physical Ed. etc. They talk a real good game but it's been quite a disappointment. Unless they get a really good grant from someone or somewhere the best advice I can give prospective parents is to steer clear from this school, also to the teachers who may be reading this you too should look into dedicating your time somewhere else, you are needed in facilities that can offer children the entire package, not just HYPE!!!!! I was so excited to send my children here only to be disappointed beyond belief. I hope this helps someone out.

This is my daughters first year here (3rd grade) and its an okay school, there are some dedicated staff members, but I am honestly a little disappointed, when reading the website I was super excited, but they don't implement the "Ideal philosophy" no yoga, no mediation, no field trips, etc. and with such a small population and student-teacher ratio 1:8 or 1:10 I expect much much more than they are offering. They are using outdated textbooks, no playground (the school is now located in the annex of a church), no passion or purpose. This will be her first and last year.

I love this school. It is truly Ideal. I have two children there. They are both accelerated learners who are excited about learning and love to read. The teachers are excellent, skillful, and they love teaching and love children. I am glad my kids are learning about their African heritage along with the other academic subjects, and they are developing good character. The school leadership is outstanding. the principal is one of a kind.

Our school has small classes and a well educated, dedicated staff. We have an amazing staff at both our Lower and Upper School. Owing in largely part to the high quality of our staff, we are pleased to report that our college acceptance rate for the class of 2011 far outpaced that of DCPS. While some graduates deigned to enter the workforce or pursue career training, the overwhelming majority are now college freshmen at highly regarded colleges and universities. Our director is a decorated, socially conscious educator and an expert in holistic health. Last year, with the support of the D.C. City Council, she led our students on a Civil Rights tour of many storied sites of historic Civil Rights activism, traveling as far as Selma, Alabama. She requires our students to meditate, peform daily relaxation exercises, and she also made extracurricular yoga classes available last year. Our students enjoy an environment free of the the negative peer interactions of that interfere with learning at many of the District's public and public charter schools. Young people with genius that was overlooked at larger schools leave our doors en route to 4-year colleges and universities.

Excellent school. Children are cared for and the teacher enjoy teaching. My son was at a another provided school before, where they had began overcrowding. I transferred my son after several issues with the teachers and losing of homework. At Academy for Ideal Education, my son gets one-on-one attention and enjoys learning. Classes are not overcrowded and teachers work very close with the children. My son is learning a lot and his greades have greatly improved.